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Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 4 (Nikola Teslas Night Of Terror)

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The plot twists were so unrecognisable like the masters regeneration in season 3. The story was subtle but detailed with incredible adventures, companions, and monsters,aliens. 2nd season shows all her weakness as a lead actress. Doctor Who is dead, they jumped the shark on the gender bender stuff. I dont mind radically divergent futures and contrasting ideological systems and morals in future societies, but they should be represented by strong thought out characters and story arcs, like Captain Jack in Torchwood. Doctor Who was the most iconic character in the UK, and the feminists decided since he was a male it was a glass ceiling to them from achieving that status. The doctor used to have alot of time Lord antagonists. They should of just written a strong female character to contrast the doctor with her own arc and presence instead of destroying the doctor to fit a early 21st century ideological agenda that didnt exist for the last 50 years of doctor who, and is unlikely to exist in its current form over the next 50 years.